Welcome to Biolapse

My name is Chris Field, I am a visual engineer specializing in Motion Controlled Botanical timelapse photography using my home built multi-axis complete camera freedom robots. I have worked and filmed for many documentary series from Nat Geo, History, Netflix, NXTV, PBS, CCTV, as well as a BBC’s newly released groundbreaking new series “The Green Planet” as a Timelapse expert, Visual engineer, and camera operator.

My specialties include
– Motion controlled Timelapse
– Botanical timelapse photography with set design
– Robotic engineering designing custom motion control solutions
– Extreme macro Video ( up to 16x for filming cellular level)
– Extreme Macro Timelapse ( up to 16x for filming cellular level)
– Motion controlled extreme macro video and timelapse.
– Focus Stacked motion controlled extreme macro timelapse
– Ultra long term indoor/outdoor timelapse photography (years)

I have a studio next to my home in Littleton, Colorado USA where my six home built multi-axis filming rigs where I like to hang out and shoot. I have pioneered multiple groundbreaking methods of filming where my systems are capable of adjusting to changing situations to maximize the odds of success when presented unexpected situations, and also to be able to film multiple angles from the same robot simultaneously and even perform focus stacked timelapse. Lets make something awesome together!

I am open to filming inquiries and licensing, please contact me at Chris@biolapse.com.

Please Click the link below for my Youtube channel, footage samples are below. https://youtube.com/c/BiolapseStudios