My services include, but are not limited to…

– Motion controlled Timelapse
– Botanical timelapse photography with set design
– Robotic engineering designing custom motion control solutions
– Extreme macro Video ( up to 16x for filming cellular level)
– Extreme Macro Timelapse ( up to 16x for filming cellular level)
– Motion controlled extreme macro video and timelapse.
– Focus Stacked motion controlled extreme macro timelapse
– Ultra long term indoor/outdoor timelapse photography (years)

I am always open to new projects and figuring out new filming techniques that many have considered impossible. If you have a project with a very complicated need, please email me and lets talk. If I am not the right person for the job, I am well connected in this area and love to make connections with other people in this industry and help get professionals in touch with each other.

Please email me with any requests or questions.