Long Term Capture

Focusing on simplicity

For Green Planet, we had used some long term capture systems from premiere companies that had a whole host of features with a 3K+ price tag. The production team challenged me to make a low cost but reliable version that could be deployed anywhere in the world.

The result is the Watchman.

I opted to eliminate all the Wifi and 3d connectivity, and kept it simple. The camera is off until it takes an image, if the solar panel gets covered and it shuts off, as soon as it gets sunlight it immediately comes back to life and continues. It can shoot based off regular intervals, and time of day, and includes blackout times to prevent filling the memory cards with nighttime images. While there is no cell tower connection or wifi, they can easily be programmed without the hassle of buggy authentication, and with a large memory card they can even run for a full year without any intervention.

The result was an inexpensive, reliable, weatherproof system that works just fine in mild climates, harsh desert heat, hot humid jungles, or anywhere else they are installed.

Watchman Installed In a remote field. 3 Month capture, no issues.
I even put one on top of my studio!
The guts of the Watchman. Solar charger, Camera, Batteries, and controller.