Welcome to Biolapse

My name is Chris Field, I am a visual engineer specializing in Motion Controlled Botanical timelapse photography using my home built multi-axis complete camera freedom robots. I have worked and filmed for many documentary series from Nat Geo, History, Netflix, NXTV, PBS, CCTV, as well as a BBC’s newly released groundbreaking new series “The Green Planet” as a Timelapse expert, Visual engineer, and camera operator.

Green Planet Behind the scenes featuring the robots I build.

My specialties include
– Motion controlled Timelapse
– Virtual Production Timelapse
– Botanical timelapse photography with set design
– Robotic engineering designing custom motion control solutions
– Extreme macro Video ( up to 16x for filming cellular level)
– Extreme Macro Timelapse ( up to 16x for filming cellular level)
– Motion controlled extreme macro video and timelapse.
– Focus Stacked motion controlled extreme macro timelapse
– Ultra long term indoor/outdoor timelapse photography (years)

I am open to filming inquiries and licensing, please contact me at Chris@biolapse.com.

Please Click the link below for my Youtube channel, footage samples are below.